Butane Gas Soldering Iron HS-1115K

  •  Butane Gas Soldering Iron HS-1115K
  •  Butane Gas Soldering Iron HS-1115K
Butane Gas Soldering Iron HS-1115K  Butane Gas Soldering Iron HS-1115K

Product name: Butane Gas Soldering Iron HS-1115K

Category: Gas soldering iron


Flame Temperature: 1300

Gas Capacity: 12ml

Ironing Temperature: 450°

Product introduction:

10-in-1 Gas Soldering Iron Cordless Welding Torch Kit Tool Ignition Butane Gas Soldering Iron Hand Tool Set

Product pictures:



1. High capacity, 100-120 minutes per full gas use time.

2. The transparent tail provides a visual view of the gas content.

3. Three major functions:

a. Can be used as a normal soldering iron,

b. Remove the tip to use as a heat gun (for heat shrink),

c. Remove the entire heating core can be used as a gas torch, the flame size can be adjusted.

1. Tips for using the soldering iron: first open the valve knob to the 4th gear, then push it up until it is fired (observe the redness at the opening of the iron core) and then slowly release the switch.

2, fire and then observe, it should be soon the inside of the opening part of the iron head turned red. Actually, the amount of gas used is adjusted to control the temperature of the tip. When adjusting the temperature, the temperature can also be judged by observing the brightness of the opening of the tip. Some customers of gas soldering irons are used for the first time. They all have a familiar and groping process. After burning for 5 seconds, they will return the flame control button ring to 2 or 2.5 gears. The soldering iron will continue to heat up. Do not use the soldering iron function to continuously increase the gear position when welding, which will cause the plastic in the joint part to melt due to the high temperature. Use a low gear when using a soldering iron to save energy.

3. When using a gas torch, the temperature of this product is up to 1300 °C (the temperature of the soldering iron is 400 °C). Pay attention to safety when using the gas torch and the heat gun. Because of the high temperature and large gas output, you need to control the size of the gas output. Extend the service life of the soldering iron. The correct technique should be determined according to the site. If the flame at 1300 °C continues to burn for 5 minutes, the plastic part of the edge will melt due to too long heat. At this tim

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