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Crimping  Coaxial Cable  Compression Tool with 10pcs RG6 Compression connector


1.Insert the stripped cable into the connector make sure the cable is inserted to the end.
2.Place connector with cable into the tool\'s holder.
3.Squeeze handles.

4.Remove the crimped connector from the tool

*The handle is made of special soft rubber material, non-slip, comfortable to use, strong touch, ergonomic design
* Handle lock setting, easy to use after storage protection, lock net clamp
*Function: Crimp
*Applicable joint: F joint with extrusion function
*Scope of use: coaxial cable RG59 RG6
*Applicable industry: cable TV audio and video field

*The tool is made of high hardness and precision material, which is light and easy to carry, durable and has a long service life.

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