Product introduction:

Interesting design: Different riding speed, different pattern effect shown!

As picture shows, riding speed reaches 18.6 mile/h, patterns will become complete and clear, very beautiful and amazing. If speed is below 18.6 mile/h, patterns will show half or a portion.

Fun pattern effects, controlled by your riding speed. The faster you ride, the more complete and beautiful the patterns are.

Auto open & close(controlled by motion sensor), with Manual Switch.

  • Press "on/off" button, enter auto mode. At this time, light glows when bike moves, turns off after stop moving for 60 seconds. Or you can press "on/off" button again to turn off the bike wheel lights immediately.

Great Birthday Gifts, Christmas Presents for Your Boys, Girls, Husband, Friends or Yourself


When you select Item Package Quantity "1", the parcel will include 1 piece this bike wheel light, which works for only 1 wheel.

When you select Item Package Quantity "2", the parcel will include 2 pieces bike wheel lights, which work for 2 wheels.

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