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Item:Solar House System

Solar House System

PV Technology

The solar energy is the most important basic energy in all kinds of reewable energy.By the transforming equipment,The solar radiant energy is  transformed into electrical energy for using.It belongs to the technology of solar energy power generation.The transformning equipment usually deals with photoelectricity transformation using the principle of semiconductor photovoltaic effects.Therefore it is called solar energy photovoltaic technology.

The principle of the photovoltaic cells

When the light shines the surface of solar cells,a part of photons are absorbed by the silicon material.After the photon energy is migrated and become the free electron gathering at two sides of P-N knotto from the potential difference.When outside key-on,under this voltage ,it will be able to have current flow over the exteria or circuit and output the certain power.The essence of this process is the transformation from the photon energy into electrical energy.

The consitution of the photovoltaic power generation system

A set of basic solar power generation system is consisted of the solar panel,controller ,inverter /power conditioner ,Storage battery.

The types of photovoltaic power generation system

Two big classifications of the photovoltaic power generation system Grid-connected system and independect system.

Grid-connect power generation system

The electricity generated from the solar cell phalanx is transported to the AC electric power network or to the AC loads directly through the inverter.

Independent power generation system

The electicity generated from the solar cell phalanx charges the storage cell and the transformed from DC to AC by the inverter.

The solar panels can directly convert solar energy into electric energy and generate DC.The digital an automaticall change DC into 110V,220V or 380V AC ,And supply electricity to electricity appliances being used.The surplus electricity can be simultaneously stored into the gel_batteries by the charging-contronller.Electicity stored in the batteries can be used in night,rainning or cloudy days .It is best compensation of normal power supply and was widely used in anywhere have sunshine.



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