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Item:High Power LED Spot Lights PAR30 7*1W

PAR30 7*1W   7W

Light Bulb Provides Light
Without Wasting Energy

Bright bulb uses little electricity for guilt-free light
50,000-hours bulb life
Safe for outdoor use

Essential Info
Don't waste energy by leaving a lamp on all night long! Now you can leave lights on without guilt by replacing an ordinary bulb with the PAR30 7*1W LED Light Bulb, a low-energy bulb that provides a high-definition reading light. Since it can be run 12 hours a day for a year at a cost of about 200 cents, this LED bulb should last about 10 years, significantly longer than ordinary light bulbs.

More Info

The PAR30 7*1W LED Light Bulb runs on 7watts of electricity and is safe to use outdoors. It has an average bulb life of 50,000 hours.



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