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Item:GS-S54WW 7W

LED  GS-S54WW  7W   

Light Bulb Provides Light
Without Wasting Energy

Bright bulb uses little electricity for guilt-free light
50,000-hours bulb life
Safe for outdoor use

No of LED Color Watt Base Operating Voltage Intensity


White 6500K





Essential Info
Don't waste energy by leaving a lamp on all night long! Now you can leave lights on without guilt by replacing an ordinary bulb with the GS-S54WW  7W  LED Light Bulb, a low-energy bulb that provides a high-definition reading light. Since it can be run 12 hours a day for a year at a cost of about 200 cents, this LED bulb should last about 10 years, significantly longer than ordinary light bulbs.

More Info

The GS-S54WW  7W  LED Light Bulb runs on 7watts of electricity and is safe to use outdoors. It has an average bulb life of 50,000 hours.

It's new products of our company.More brightness than before led bulbs.

You could check the lm.It could be used in house,office,bar and so on.




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